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I transfered some of my ether a few days ago and and yet nothing was transferred. I lost a lot so I asked them what happened. As what the support representative said, my Ether was sent to someone else's address which is completely not mine. It was very weird because I k…

21 March

Use Etherium mist wallet at your own risk. The main concern I have is that it takes more than an hour to download the app itself. and then when it is done downloading, it wont work. I have some ETH trapped insi…

20 March

Now that the blockchain has been growing, downloading the whole database just to run this wallet is such a really bad idea. I know because I experienced downloading all of it. I've spent not just hours but days…

20 March

Do not ever use ethereum mist wallet. You just get problems from them. It will not sync the moment you downloaded it and you have to be a well versed in computer programming to be able to know how to run it. I sent ether coins into my etherium mist account but I haven't…

20 March


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