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Based on what I experienced, there is something a bit wrong with their platform. I can tell because I also have other accounts with different companies.I did what the normal thing when signing up followed by verification and depositing some funds. Everything went well u…

29 m

I registered last week and they verified my account the usual way requesting for what other companies are requesting like ID and bank statement. I deposited my first funds to them and they immediately message me for more information and more requirements. SO I just did …

30 m

I am now having a problem with Last week one of my trades was suddenly closed. I tried reaching out to etoro support and they were able to resolve it but when I asked temto look into the issue and refund me from the loss but they did not respond on it. The pr…

1 d

They have been claiming that etoro platform are very user friendly and don't encounter issues when it comes to Forex trading. I agree with it actually, I never had any issues with the actual platform, but when …

1 d

I have no idea what I have putted myself into by joining etoro who has a very poor customer service. Even from the very beginning of last week I have been reaching out to them about my refund to my account back…

2 d

I made some withdrawal transaction from etoro last month and I have been waiting for more than a month now to receive the payout. I mentioned this issue to my account manager and after a few days, I have received an email from etoro informing me about the technical issu…

2 d

I had an amazing experience when etoro when I first started with them. The moment I signed up, they took some amount from my bank so I confirmed with my bank and also called etoro. They were very helpful and wh…

3 d

This is a fake trading site where they are pushing people to invest in their platform to get more money, at first look i thought it was a legit so i decided to deposit. When i start the trade the site automatic…

3 d

I transfered a lot of my CDN into etoro. Earning a little wont cover up the ridiculous fees for trading. When I decide to close my account they refund me less than i originally put in. On top of it all, they took some of my earnings through my withdrawal request, they s…

3 d

I attempted to transfer money via card and etoro site froze 2 times. This resulted in two pre-authorizations on the card which were eventually debited, but the money never appeared in my eToro account. With no …

18 February


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