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Name: Everbuying.net
The Meridian,4 Copthall House, Station Square, Coventry
West Midlands
United States - cv1 2fl

I have purchased a smart phone from Everbuying.net that was supposed to be kitted out with the latest specifications that you can get from a mobile phone. The brand is relatively unknown but I thought it would …

30 March

I am a little perplexed as to why I still have not received my order from Everbuying.net because I ordered and paid for my items months ago. Is there a way for me to properly contact them and inquire about the …

15 March

I am a little annoyed at the people over at Everbuying.net because I had bought a smartphone from them, but it seems like they do not have even have a good warranty. When the phone that I had purchased from the…

01 March

I had recently purchased a replacement remote control for my home entertainment system from Everbuying.net and it was not working at all. I do not know if there is something wrong with the settings or if I mess…

16 February

I bought a couple of items from Everbuying.net and after waiting for two weeks and being charged for the items they tell me that the items are out of stock and they cannot refund me but offered to have them exc…

02 February

Consider yourself warned by noting that the everybuying.net coupon is a sham and that they have no customer care you can get in touch with. I have been waiting for my purchases for way over a month now, and I have been trying to reach them and send in complaints but aft…

22 January


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