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I did not know that I would not be able to rent myself a vehicle on my trip if I was not using a credit card and I only found out when it was too late. I had to wait for a refund from the people at Expedia afte…

28 April

I had booked a flight on the Expedia platform and I had also purchased the corresponding insurance in order to make sure that I was covered just in case anything happened. When I had to switch out my flight due…

22 April

I have a couple of problems trying to find a representative from Expedia that can actually help me out with the problems that I am having with my bookings. I feel as if nobody is listening to my needs at all an…

13 April

I felt absolutely deceived by the people from Expedia because I was not aware of a certain mandatory insurance fee that I was supposed to pay. This is deception in so many forms and I feel as if this has gone t…

19 March

I did not want for the representative from Expedia to book me a trip because I still had some questions, although I was expressing interest in the trip. However, they went over my wishes and booked a trip anywa…

08 March

I had already prebooked a flight with Expedia and paid them. I have used their service all throughout the entire booking process, but they cannot seem to help me at all. The airline that we booked with could no…

21 February

We put in a reservation for a car on Expedia, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel our reservation. At this point we tried to get a refund for this. Expedia told us we needed some…

08 February

This is one of those honest Expedia reviews and I do hope I am taken seriously because I was short-changed for my hand carry luggage. I purchased a ticket via this website and I chose an Economy ticket that all…

26 January


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