I do not know why the employee at Exxon Mobil Corporation would not put a sign outside that the tire inflator machine was not working. I had already put my money only to discover that I could not use the machin…

08 March

When I went to the Exxon Mobil Corporation store to buy a couple of items for my journey I gave the cashier my card and it was declined. This particular cashier then proceeded to say out loud that I probably mu…

21 February

There has been a problem with my card from Exxon Mobil Corporation because I have not been receiving statements for so long that I thought everything was alright. However, this was not the case because it turns…

09 February

There is this one Exxon Mobil Corporation store that rarely has regular hours leaving customers wondering when they will be open. In addition to this, this particular Exxon Mobil Corporation store owners seems …

26 January


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