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I am so annoyed at the manager over at EyeMart Express because I have found this manager to be absolutely disgusting with the way that she works and does things. I see her on her desk with containers of food an…

09 April

Many of the customers in the EyeMart Express establishment had to wait for such a long time the other day because they were significantly understaffed on that day. What really irked me out with EyeMart Express is that they did not even bother stopping half their employe…

16 March

I am  little perplexed at why the coupons that I had gotten from the mail from EyeMart Express were not allowing me to get the discount that I needed. We went to EyeMart Express and selected a number of frame c…

05 March

I do not understand if EyeMart Express respects its own policies at all. They were not able to provide me with my free pair of glasses even though they had told me they would be free. It was part of the buy one…

20 February

I went to a EyeMart Express with my husband a couple of weeks ago to get some glasses done, but the the thing is when we got back to the store the employees admitted to me that they had snapped my frames when t…

07 February

The manager at EyeMart Express does not know how to treat her subordinates and at times I find it absolutely distasteful. In addition to this managerial fiasco, there are two employees who have made me question if they actually know anything about customer service. They…

24 January


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