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I paid to facebook for ads. facebook never shared my ads. So I wanted to my money back from facebook. they said "After carefully checking, we have decided that we can not do anything else with this topic. "! I …

13 June

facebook insistently does not remove fake accouns! this page has used my name and pictures for years... Https://www.facebook.com/Photoint-Photography-SBar%C4%B1%C5%9F-Fi%C5%9Fek-308354502611013/ Why doesn't fac…

19 January

Hello madam/sir I made a mistake. I wanted to my friends say something about me and i forgot to change the message. So you deleted my account. I am very very sorry for it. can you active a my account again please. This is the warning: "Your account has been disabled by …

26 December 2017

HelloMy personal facebook account number 05541247088 has been closed. I have used my credentials as my e-mail, so you are closing your personal accountEven my number belongs to my own name Meliha Taş, but facebook taki name Meliha Meliha is passing. I would like to ask …

26 December 2017

I downloaded a video from a website and I wanted to published it on my "Kardesimi Seviyorum" Facebook account on August 21, 2017, but Facebook didn't allow me to do that. I tried two times, but I had notificati…

23 August 2017

Facebook ads withdrew two times 1600TL from my Akbank credit card without my knowledge and permission. I searched through internet and this is unjust transaction and Facebook is in charge too. I request you to …

23 August 2017

My elder sister, whose name is M** G**, is visually impaired, I opened a Facebook account on her name on June, she used it for 1 or 2 days without a problem, but Facebook denied access to her account by request…

22 August 2017

I've been using my Facebook account for 6 years and they disabled my account, because its' name is an enterprise name. I got an e-mail, which asks for my personal identity, I sent photos of my craftsman's assoc…

21 August 2017

My Facebook account has been closed for months, no one didn't even contact me. I don't know how to open up my account and I'm expecting help. They've said ''We will inspect the documents you've provided and wil…

18 July 2017

I've been told ''We will contact you after inspecting the documents you've sent. If we need more help to confirm your name we will contact you to request more documents'' but I can't access my account.

18 July 2017


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