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I cannot believe that the Factory Outlet Store would absolutely horrible return policies that will make it seem like they will do anything to try and make money out of a consumer of theirs I have tried to get a…

09 April

I am so annoyed at the management of the Factory Outlet Store because they do not seem to want to give you a full refund. I had ordered a GPS unit from them and they refused to give me a full refund just a few …

17 March

I am wondering how I can return items back to the Factory Outlet Store because they did not give me the items that I had initially purchased from them and ordered for. I want the specific brand that I requested…

05 March

My experience with Factory Outlet Store was just the absolute worst that I have ever had to deal with ever. Firstly, do not trust their one day delivery or fast delivery claims because it does not happen. I hav…

20 February

I purchased a few items from Factory Outlet Store and after almost two weeks I still do not know the status of my items. This has been extremely frustrating for me because I do not know what else to do about th…

07 February

I have reason to believe that the Factory Outlet Store employs the bait and switch scam strategy that once rose to popularity. I recently ordered a pair of headphones for a family member only to realize that they sent me headphones with one speaker only, when I asked fo…

24 January


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