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Name: Marriott International, Inc.
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I cannot believe what the manager told me when I was staying at Fairfield Inn and Suites and found out that there no hot water and I could not take a shower. He inferred that I must not know how to use the show…

20 March

I cannot begin to describe how uncomfortable I was staying and booking for a room at Fairfield Inn and Suites because the whole night has been unpleasant for me. I was unable to sleep because the dogs that were…

08 March

I am very livid and I have already sought out proper legal representation regarding the action at Fairfield Inn and Suites where I used to be employed. If there is one thing I hate is that I was accused of stea…

21 February

I am completely and utterly appalled by the security that they have at Fairfield Inn and Suites, because a family member of mine lost almost two thousand dollars worth of high-tech gadgets during his stay there…

08 February

I also own and run my own business so I know that the way I had been treated by the in-charge of Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot was not at all proper. I had made a booking via the phone only to be screamed…

26 January


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