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North Carolina
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I usually go to the Family Dollar Stores to pick up a few items when I have a long drive ahead of me or if I have forgotten things for the house. The last time I was there, I picked up a pack of cigarettes and …

28 April

After leaving the Family Dollar Stores at a certain location I realized that I was charged twice for a particular item that I had purchased from their establishment. Now want to cause a scene or anything of the…

21 April

I was over at a location of the Family Dollar Stores trying to purchase myself some supplies when I noticed that the cashier was following me around. I did not like this at all and I felt like she was profiling…

14 April

I do not appreciate being talked down to, I find it both rude and extremely inconsiderate. I feel as if I am berated and treated like I am less of a human being. This is what I felt when a customer had overhear…

19 March

The Family Dollar Stores that is nearest to my home does not seem to close on time at all. The people that work always seem to be in a hurry to close down their store even though that should not be the case at …

06 March

I am so annoyed at the security that Family Dollar Stores offers because at this rate we will be losing all the Family Dollar Stores that we have. These stores are frequently victimized by people that want to g…

20 February

We frequent Family Dollar Stores often and I find the staff to be nice people. However, my last visit did not turn out so well, I realized that one of them was so rude. My son had accidentally knocked some item…

08 February

We are long time patrons of the Family Dollar Stores and we love this certain product called Family Dollar Chili. I was wondering if you could still keep this product in stock for my family and I as we are super fans of it. It's insane we know but it's probably the best…

25 January


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