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12200 W Olympic Blvd STE 400
Los Angeles
United States - 90064-1047

There is something seriously wrong with the refund process at Fandango because we have been waiting for more than a week but nobody has gotten back to us nor was my account credited with the cost of the movie t…

22 March

I am a little surprised that my Fandango purchase is not buffering at all. I have been a subscriber to Fandango's services for quite some time now and this has not happened to me before. I am willing to be pati…

09 March

Fandango has been receiving a lot of flak lately and I think it is fine time for them to check out their systems and overhaul the way things are managed with their business. I had recently tried to purchase tic…

23 February

I would advise you to stay away from Fandango, because of everything that they put their customers through. I do not understand why this company is still afloat after everything that they have been doing with other people. I am so annoyed at them, at the way that they t…

12 February

Fandango was offering a free justice league poster but it was not actually free since I had to pay them for shipping and handling. This was absolutely a rip off because I found larger posters at Walmart for less than the price of the shipping and handling that Fandango …

30 January

I had recently purchased a Fandango movie gift card for someone and I am appalled at what happened next. The tracking information wasn't working regardless of everything that I was doing. I did all the manual s…

12 January


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