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I feel as if some of the representatives that represent  Farmers Insurance are not qualified to be doing so.  I can tell you about the time that I almost lost my house because of my agent, but I would rather gi…

21 March

We have been with Farmers Insurance for our vehicles and our home and we genuinely felt like that it was not worth it at all. I was annoyed at their service and it felt as if we were not getting anything good o…

08 March

I am astounded by the lack of coordination over at Sara Esline Farmers Insurance Company because when my husband and I got separated they issued an insurance policy with my name on it to him and they were tryin…

23 February

I was going to have a couple of items on my farm insured but Farmers Insurance was giving me such a hard time trying to reach anyone that I could talk to. Nobody seems to be picking up the phone or calling me b…

12 February

Farmers Insurance has one of the worse policies I have ever encountered and I even felt like I was being blackmailed by them at one point. They will only pay for the medical bills that were racked up if we would agree to settle with them first. It was not even our fault…

29 January

This appraiser has terrible service. Something unfortunate happened to me and they called me to talk to me. Initially, they said they would contact me again, but nobody did. I had to keep contacting them again and again before he replied to a denied claim. They said tha…

09 January


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