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Name: Fazoli's System Management, LLC
2470 Palumbo Drive
United States - 40509

I think that everybody that has been to Fazolis will have had a good time in it or has enjoyed at least something on the menu. Even the service over on their end is great. However, they do have a little problem…

15 May

I was a little surprised to find some lewd behavior happening in front of us at Fazolis the other day and I did not think that it should be happening at all in the establishment. One of the managers had smacked…

27 March

I have been such a loyal customer at Fazolis and I have been so irked out at what they had decided to do to me as of late. I had ordered so much food that all I was asking for was a large takeout box to put everything that I ordered in - well my leftovers. They could no…

13 March

I will not be dining in at Fazolis ever again after I saw a manager be absolutely discourteous, rude and inconsiderate over a group of young adults and a young child. This particular manager from Fazolis has to…

27 February

My experience at Fazolis was a terrible one because of how the waiters were towards me. I just could not believe that they got my order wrong and at the same time were rude to me. I thought the food would be great since I have been going to Fazolis for a long time, but …

15 February

It was such a strange experience for me at Fazolis recently because I was really trying to be nice and I was faced with an employee that was also so nice to me. What makes it strange was what happened next. The employee had to request a manager to assist me and the mana…

01 February

I have so many complaints about this restuarant and I don't even know where to start. They seem to keep really unsanitary methods and I don't even think they have enough staff to begin with, we had to clean our own tables when we were there. The food is another problem …

18 January


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