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I really do not know what has happened to the credit that I had on my Fingerhut account because I had only used about half a hundred dollars when it filled with three hundred dollars and now it is showing as empty. I have already written them about four times and nobody…

08 May

We got a cancellation on our order from Fingerhut because the appliance we ordered was damaged, so we decided to reorder again. Mind you, we were already paying for the items before they even arrived to us. The…

02 May

I am so annoyed at Fingerhut because I have been a customer for so long and for some reason or another they decide to lower my credit lines for no apparent reason. I think that they should have given me a grace period given that I have been with them for such a long per…

23 April

A few years ago, something that I had ordered from Fingerhut was lost in transit and as a result, I was unable to get the item at all. What really annoyed me about the management of Fingerhut was that after fou…

19 April

I have been such a loyal customer at Fingerhut and that is why I am so annoyed at what they did to my account. For years I have put up with all their nonsense and now they are telling em that I have been 40 days late for my payment. It annoys me that they that I am late…

22 March

I cannot believe the confusion that has been occurring with the people over at Fingerhut. I have already paid for the money that I owed them and they still keep telling me that I have not paid them anything. I …

09 March

I am annoyed to find out that Fingerhut does not seem to care about honoring their policies of giving you increases if you are to pay on time. I have always paid on time but yet I still have not received anythi…

23 February

My business partners and I never want to go into business with Fingerhut ever again because of the way they let us down. They told us that they would deliver and be able to provide for our business needs, but at the end of the day we now have to explain to so many custo…

12 February

Fingerhut  should get its act together or they will soon start losing customers stating with me, when I tried purchasing a computer the customer service representative tried selling me the same computer with a 300 dollar mark up. How can you be this oblivious it's alrea…

30 January

I can't possibly wrap my head around the fact that something I ordered on the 14th would arrive on the 27th. Take note, this is something I had ordered for Christmas; thus, this is completely unacceptable. To make matters worse, when asked about the issue, I would get a…

12 January


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