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I am so irritated that my child's father has refused to provide my son with any form of regular child support. I am a struggling single mother now and the father does not even seem to care about rearing a child…

19 March

I am a little perplexed as to when I can get the claim that I have filed with Geico with regard to some vehicular damages that were caused by a flood back last year. I was hoping that the Florida Department of …

06 March

I have just been appalled at how some of the records from the Florida Department of Revenue had been wrong and had gotten my child support payments all wrong. I know my responsibilities and I try my best to pay…

20 February

I just want to tell Florida Department of Revenue that my ex has not been paying his required child support, and they closed my case because they could not locate him with an employment address. When I found ou…

08 February

I do not understand why the Florida Department of Revenue does not know that an NCP was arrested but did not have his arrears reflected. I hate it when the NCP does not pay the single parent who goes through enough trouble already raising a child on her own. This is dis…

25 January


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