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I made an honest mistake at Food City, I had gotten myself a drink in the wrong cup and I was very surprised that the cashier charged me a larger price. I was not able to see the proper cups and as a result I w…

20 March

I think that the new manager over at Food City needs to be taught some leadership skills or he should be replaced altogether with his overall attitude towards his staff members. He does not know how to treat th…

08 March

I am a little bit concerned about the health standards over at Food City because they seem to be selling for that has already gone bad. I was surprised to find out that when I got home it really seemed that their product was already out of date and not suitable for norm…

21 February

I have been a loyal customer of Food City for so long and my entire family gets their prescriptions from them. However, this time the person on duty gave us such a hard time. The Food City pharmacy told me that…

09 February

Food City engages in deceptive marketing and false advertising, they have a sign in my area that says they deliver, which means that they can deliver to my area if they have a sign there. When I was sick once and unable to prepare food for my family and I, we tried call…

26 January


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