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Name: Delhaize America Company
Toll free: 1 800 210 9569
P.O. Box 1330
North Carolina
United States - 28145-1330

I have been profiled by one of the managers of the Food Lion because of my backpack and I really feel like that I am getting picked on because of my race. When other people come into the store with bigger backpacks or even purses than the backpack that I usually have, t…

08 May

I am wondering why Food Lion has been taking so long in sending me my MVP card that I have requested from them ages ago. It is actually a little annoying now that I still have not received anything from them at…

22 March

I had bought money orders from Food Lion and I was served by a cashier that did not seem to show me each money order and just gave me all of them in one go. When I had gotten home and checked them out, I noticed there was one for more than seventy dollars that was missi…

09 March

I cannot believe the amount of disrespect that I got from the cashier at Food Lion. I was initially greeted warmly, but the moment I took out my coupons all the levity of the situation changed and I suddenly fe…

23 February

People who work in customer service or in the front lines of their respective establishments should learn how to be nice to the customers that they are serving because their attitude speaks a lot about what they do. I am literally so annoyed at Food Lion because the cas…

12 February

I can't believe that my last experience with Food Lion ended the way it did. I was told the item that I bought had the wrong bar code and was told to get another item with a code. So I did with the same cashier back talking that she would not wait for me. This Food Lion…

30 January

I used a self-checkout machine and it was a horrific experience. I was so horribly embarrassed. Someone got to help me, but the other person who came around proved to make the experience terrible. I had inserted a 20 dollar bill but then the machine couldn't give me cha…

12 January


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