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I really do not know what the Ford Motor Company service department has been doing to get the problems of my vehicle fixed because I have already taken my car to them several times, but until this date, I am st…

05 May

I think that I had gotten a bad batch of a particular line from the Ford Motor Company because it appears as if the car that I have caused my tires to wear out really quickly. I have never seen anything like it…

27 April

I am wondering what the plan is for the vehicle that I had purchased from the Ford Motor Company since it has recently come to my attention that there are product recalls being done as of the moment because of …

17 April

I am so mad at a particular location of the Ford Motor Company because they seemed to have just taken my money and not fixed my car at all. We spent more than a hundred bucks on them only for our vehicle to sti…

29 March

I am a little annoyed after I had purchased a Kia from Ford Motor Company because it seems as if they do not want to help me get some things replaced in the vehicle. It irks me out that there is so much back an…

14 March

I have to admit that I am a little shocked that a gigantic company such at the Ford Motor Company would take so long in providing me with a reimbursement. It does not make sense to me at all and I am hoping tha…

28 February

I almost lost my fiance the other day when his driveshaft that was up for a recall snapped when he was taking it in for repair. The resulting damages to the vehicle and the loss of control almost killed him and…

15 February

I have owned plenty of automobiles form Ford Motor Company, even when I owned a company I made sure that all the vehicles that we purchased came from the Ford Motor Company. However, I was really disappointed l…

01 February

It took them two whole days before they could give a diagnostic of what was wrong with my vehicle. They ended up telling me that I was having a starter problem, which was strange since they decided to continue …

19 January


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