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Name: Freedom Mortgage Corporation
907 Pleasant Valley Avenue, Suite 3
Mount Laurel
New Jersey
United States - 08054

My husband and I, are planning to sell our homes to another family. They are also veterans and they will be assuming our VA loan from Freedom Mortgage. We have followed all the instructions that the company has…

10 April

I am so annoyed with a customer service representative of Freedom Mortgage because he did not take the time to understand my question. After a while I realized that he did not understand what I was talking abou…

16 March

I have already been told by customer representatives of Freedom Mortgage that my fico score would not be ruined because of their mistake but I feel like it it;s going to be ruined anyway. I have already paid Fr…

05 March

I had already informed Freedom Mortgage that I had lost my source of employment but I will be paying them. I thought that some form of understanding was reached over the phone but this does not seem to be the case at all since I get multiple calls from Freedom Mortgage …

19 February

I knew that the hurricane was going to hit us and I also knew that money was going to be tight because of all the expenses that I was anticipating because of this. I made it a point to contact Freedom Mortgage and tell them I would not be able to pay. They offered me de…

07 February

Freedom Mortgage actually charges for payoff quotes and I find this very greedy for them to do so. I am aware that other mortgage companies do not engage in this practice since their customers already use their services and pay interest. I wonder what Freedom Mortgage h…

24 January


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