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Name: PlasmaNet Inc.
420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2435
New York
New York
United States - 10170

I have been so annoyed at FreeLotto for such a long time because they still have not given me the cancellation that I have been asking for. I have already asked them nicely if they could just cancel my account,…

29 March

I am surprised that FreeLotto would have the nerve to take good money out of my bank account on a specific date even though they have received absolutely no authorization from me. I am planning to take further …

14 March

according to the messages that I have been receiving they claim that I have won more than eleven million dollars from them. I do not know if this from an actually representative of FreeLotto or if it is just a scammer that wants money from me. What really irks me out is…

28 February

I won money fair and square with FreeLotto, but yet the automated responses that I have been getting from their systems tell me that I have not won anything and my numbers are invalid. I have checked, rechecked…

15 February

FreeLotto has been billing my bank account for things that I do not even consent to. I have not authorized the release of any sort of money to them and what they are doing with my account smell like the tell tale signs of fraud. I want to demand that FreeLotto give me a…

01 February

How can FreeLotto have the nerve to take my hard earned money from me? I know that I did not subscribe to any service that allows them to this but they still take money regularly from my account. This does not seem right at all and it seems like abuse if you think about…

19 January


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