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Name: Fruit of the Loom, inc.
Toll free: 1 877 879 7960
P.O. Box 90015 One Fruit of the Loom Drive
Bowling Green
United States - 42102

I needed to get myself a pack of underwear for a quick trip so I had purchased myself a package of Fruit of the Loom underwear. I knew my size so I just picked it up and put in my cart. When I got home I threw …

12 March

It surprises me that nowadays Fruit of the Loom seems to make their products of poor quality. When I had purchased a pack of boxers from them I was annoyed because they were not the size that I had initially th…

26 February

I have been a customer of Fruit of the Loom for a long time and I have been very surprised to fin that the quality of their apparel seems to have gone down. I had recently purchased a couple of shirts from them…

13 February

I like buying products from Fruit of the Loom but somehow the quality seems to have degraded over some time. Lately, my lovely wife got herself a package of Fruit of the Loom tube socks but after some time it seemed as if the material had deteriorated quickly. I find th…

31 January

All right. So here's the deal - the boxers that I bought fit me correctly, but that is not what I want to complain about. I want to tell you about how the quality is so bad that the boxers are ripping themselve…

17 January


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