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Name: Garcia Infiniti
1234 S. Renaissance Blvd. NE
New Mexico
United States - 87107

I was able to place a hold on Garcia Infiniti over the holiday season because I really needed that quick relief but little did I know that they did not honor this hold that I had on them and they went onwards with their things. This has put me in a precarious situation …

20 March

I think that the salesmen over at Garcia Infiniti will do anything to make a sale. I have already purchased a vehicle from the over two weeks ago and they still have not provided me with the new vehicle at all.…

08 March

I find that the people over at Garcia Infiniti seem to act a little shady with the way that they negotiate with the people that want to purchase vehicles from them. I had called them up with an offer for a car …

21 February

I recently bought a car from representatives of Garcia Infiniti and it was such a bad deal because the car actually came with a major problem that I just found out about after awhile. I tried to call the corporate offices of Garcia Infiniti  trying to find answer but th…

09 February

We recently bought a car from Garcia Infiniti and it was a complete disaster. This particular person from Garcia Infiniti  sold me a complete waste of money. The car seemed to be broken on almost ever level and a lot of its parts had to be rebuilt. I feel like I was con…

26 January


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