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I am extremely livid and disappointed at Geek Squad for the way they treated me. I had called in advance to have an old piece of hardware checked out and it turned out to be a horrible experience. The person wh…

12 March

Do not believe what Geek Squad tells you about their policies because I feel like they are a complete joke when you purchase one of their coverage plans. When I bought a laptop from them they told me I was also purchasing coverage for everything that could go wrong with…

26 February

I am a college student who really needs her phone to stay connected and I left my phone with Geek Squad thinking that it could be repaired. I was under the assumption that they would call me after the prescribe…

12 February

Geek Squad  does not seem to know what they are doing with your electronics. I sent them my laptop that had conked out and it took them almost two weeks to even figure out what ha d gone bad with it, when they found the problem they had already charged me and they say i…

30 January

I got insurance on my device and when I wrecked it I proceeded to get a replacement and paid in full. I was expecting a package the next day, but I wasn't informed that I had to be present when it arrived. I happened to miss the UPS delivery and when I tried to call the…

12 January


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