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If I were you, I would advise you not to sign any contract that Geek Squad will want to give you when you make particular purchases over at Best Buy because they will everything to get your credit card information and try to make money out of you. They told me that I wo…

12 May

I want to know why Geek Squad insists on billing me each and every month because I have to go through the process of disputing the charge each and every time. I do not own the client number that they are appending to me. I have already ended my contract with another num…

02 May

My laptop was broken and I really needed something done about it at the soonest possible time. I canvas and check out the prices from my manufacturer and from Geek Squad. It turns out that Geek Squad was around…

22 April

Do not trust that Geek Squad will give you the best service in the world because they cannot even afford to call you back when they tell you they will. I was told by the establishment where I had purchased my p…

18 April

I have been trying to contact Geek Squad's tech support for a couple of questions and issues that I was having when I tried to get somethings fixed on my new machine. However, things have not been the way I wan…

22 March

I am extremely livid and disappointed at Geek Squad for the way they treated me. I had called in advance to have an old piece of hardware checked out and it turned out to be a horrible experience. The person wh…

12 March

Do not believe what Geek Squad tells you about their policies because I feel like they are a complete joke when you purchase one of their coverage plans. When I bought a laptop from them they told me I was also purchasing coverage for everything that could go wrong with…

26 February

I am a college student who really needs her phone to stay connected and I left my phone with Geek Squad thinking that it could be repaired. I was under the assumption that they would call me after the prescribe…

12 February

Geek Squad  does not seem to know what they are doing with your electronics. I sent them my laptop that had conked out and it took them almost two weeks to even figure out what ha d gone bad with it, when they found the problem they had already charged me and they say i…

30 January

I got insurance on my device and when I wrecked it I proceeded to get a replacement and paid in full. I was expecting a package the next day, but I wasn't informed that I had to be present when it arrived. I happened to miss the UPS delivery and when I tried to call the…

12 January


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