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I do not understand the people over at GEICO and why they would want to rip me off over my insurance policy. When I transferred states and changed my residency and I found out that there were more affordable policies in the new state. However, GEICO seemed to want to ch…

3 d

I felt incredibly bad about the GEICO coverage that I was getting from them because it did not make sense for them not to cover the fender of the vehicle that I had since the claims adjuster says that it had been replaced before. We are longterm customers of GEICO and t…

05 May

I am so annoyed that GEICO is charging me such exorbitant rates with the insurance premiums that I have been paying for my vehicles. It turns out that the friends and family members that I have that switched to another auto insurance company are paying considerably smal…

26 April

I have been with GEICO for almost a decade and I feel like they made such a seriously bad mistake with my new vehicle purchase. Adding a third vehicle to my plan would increase my insurance premiums by threefol…

17 April

My dear girlfriend had some problems with a claim over at GEICO and we were expecting a phone call from one of the representatives from their company. However, after giving an extensive statement, all we get is…

29 March

I cannot count how many times I have given GEICO my plate surrender documentation and I keep calling them only for them to tell me that they have not been receiving anything from me. This is annoying because they put my account in collections at one point and I did not …

14 March

I am a little annoyed at the claims department at GEICO because they did not seem to want to entertain my claim at all and I was really furious at one point. There was mold in my car that was caused by something in the car itself but it seemed like GEICO wanted to pin t…

28 February

I have kindly requested the assistance of GEICO in getting myself a new claims adjuster because I did not really want to work with the one that I was assigned with. However, when I checked out my file again her name was still on it and this has been causing me a little …

15 February

GEICO recently made a clerical error with my vehicular policy and this has resulted in the demand for higher premiums which I do not agree to at all. They should do their best to fix this issue for me because for one it was not my fault at all and they should be more at…

01 February

I had an accident not so long ago, and I am not culpable for what happened. Now, I contacted GEICO insurance but then they informed me they could not say whether or not I could be covered. Nearly a week after m…

19 January


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