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If you think that you are going to save money with the people over at Getaroom I would advise you to think again because this is not what I experienced when I was using their platform. it seems as if they have …

08 April

I am very annoyed at the Getaroom platform because I had originally thought that I was booking with the hotel itself, but it turns out that I was booking with their platform instead. This caused me so much conf…

16 March

I had initially thought that I was booking a hotel room with the hotel itself which I wanted to do for a number of reasons that I do not really want to get into. However, it turns out that I was booking a room …

06 March

I think that the user interface on the site of Getaroom needs to be fixed because I had to reenter my information multiples times cancelling the previous details that I had already put in. To add to all of this…

20 February

I was on a hotel's website trying to book myself a room when upon clicking I was redirected to the Getaroom where I was charged a non-refundable deposit. Upon checking the hotel's website itself, it seemed much more affordable to just book with the hotel. I do not know …

07 February

I booked a room with the Le Meridien hotel via GetARoom, and I was charged an amount short of one hundred bucks for tax and some service fee. The original amount I was supposed to pay for was just a tad bit ove…

25 January


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