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I am so annoyed at the Mach 3 razors that I have been buying from Gillette because I feel as if they are not worth the money at all. It seems if every single blade that I purchase from them disintegrates before…

2 d

I was perplexed to find out that my fusion proglide razor from the Gillette brand just turned itself on without notice last night. Is this still covered by some form of warranty because it is really weird that …

08 March

I have been having a problem with my Gillette product and I was told that I should switch to their new fusion series. However, even after the shopkeeper's recommendation I still feel the blade to be faulty. Is …

23 February

I do not know how much Gillette paid for its ads but it is really getting on my nerves. Every time I try to watch something on YouTube, there is always a Gillette advertisement ready to greet me. I do not like …

12 February

I bought a pack a of Gillette razors from Walmart about one or two months ago and when I got to the pack I realized that every razor in the pack was not as sharp as I was used to. I do not know who went wrong here, but it could be Gillette with their quality control or …

29 January

I have been a patron of your brand and the specified product for a long time now, and I thought you should know that some of your refill blades need a quality control check. I bought one of those four-piece ref…

17 January

I have noticed some rust spotting around the back of my Gilette Fusion Proglide Razor's Blade and I told the situation to the service and sent photos of it. The authorised lady told that this situation is norma…

26 August 2017

I use Gillette Venus Breeze and in the commercial they told that it doesn't irritate your skin, however, it irritated my skin at first use and itched my skin. I used for the second time and it irritated my skin…

23 August 2017

I bought the newest Gillette Fusion Proglide Power product but it was defective. The company told that, they're going to replace it with a new one, but they sent the wrong product. They told me that the product…

08 August 2017

I shave with Gillette since 10 years but the last box which has Arabic scripts on it was very bad. It is worse than regular knives. Even its stick is in very bad condition.

10 July 2017


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