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I realized that Glade Car Perfume is damaging the front console. I wrote this to the firm but there is no response. I checked the website bu…

23 June 2017

I use Glade Car Perfume since years. On my last shopping, I bought the mango and lavender scented ones. The mango scented was good on first day but for second day, it was not smelling. My daughter said the same too. I sent the message from their website and called them …

08 June 2017

Glade Car Perfume made this to my car. I think that they did not test them before floating. I kindly request to compensating my lost.

25 May 2017

My car's console has swollen because of Glade Car Perfume. My new car has damaged and it costs for 1000 TRY.

02 May 2017

Glade Care Perfume has leaked on front consele and damaged it. It's unbelieveable. I do not trust on Glade anymore.

30 April 2017

I purchased Glade Liquid Car Perfume and use it for 1 week, but it does not smell. I threw my money away.

18 April 2017

When I wanted to set up Glade Automatic Spray, it started to squirt. I realized that it was leaked before and smeared the table and its cloth. It was brand-new and my first use. Hope so that will not be the last one.

01 April 2017

You can see in images that how Glade damaged my car console and when I brought my car to the service, they told that there are chemical burn…

24 March 2017

Glade Car Perfume firstly me melted the car console and then leaked to the radio and damaged the screen and keys. I paid 1100 TRY to fix radio and I will never use Glade again.

12 March 2017

Glade Car Perfume has melted the console by leaking.

26 January 2017


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