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I am annoyed at because I have been a customer of theirs for a very long time, but I have found out that their website is certainly not an accurate representation of the products that they have. …

10 April

I am so annoyed at because they told me that I had utilized all my return options. Well of course I did because they kept getting my order wrong. What else do they expect me to do? It has been so…

16 March

I am wondering what happened to my warranty with because I still have not received word from them even though I have filled out everything that they had requested me to fill up. They had told me …

05 March

I am very livid at the management of because I ordered a set of frames that were non prescription from their site. When they were delivered I tried them on but they did not really fit me well so …

19 February cannot seem to get my prescription glasses right every time they try to them. I was first sent a paper where I could not see out of one of the lens. The next pair that they sent me to replace the previous pair was also very problematic because they were t…

07 February seems to be running a scam with its customers. They promise quick delivery with their prescription eye wear but then fail to deliver anything to their customers. We had recently purchased a pair of glasses from them but they never delivered the package to…

24 January


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