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Name: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.
14455 North Hayden Rd., Suite 219
United States - AZ85260

I was trying to call the customer service of GoDaddy Operating Company in order to speak with one of their representatives since I was having a problem accessing the other pages of my website since they were my…

29 April

There was a problem with one of the charges of GoDaddy Operating Company and my credit card so I immediately called up their customer service in order to clear things out from their end. It turns out that the p…

21 April

I have paid GoDaddy Operating Company for backup services in the past so they should be able to give me what I paid for, but for some reason, they are unwilling to give me the backup of my site unless I pay the…

09 April

I was not informed by the GoDaddy Operating Company that my domain was expiring soon and they were going to sell it. I only discovered it when I had tried my email using the particular email address associated …

16 March

We want to request that the GoDaddy Operating Company refund and reimburse us for the money that they have taken from our account because we did not do business with them at all and we do not think they have th…

05 March

I think that the GoDaddy Operating Company should hire new customer service representatives to man their telephone lines because it has been such a pain to deal with them as of late. I had a representative keep…

20 February

I am starting to dislike the way GoDaddy Operating Company treats their customers especially the ones that have been with them for quite some time. I was having a really big problem with my account and all I as…

07 February

I have been demanding a refund from GoDaddy Operating Company because they did not deliver as stipulated in our agreement. They told me I would have access to an account manager and other staff since I was having a website built by them, after a few months I still have …

24 January


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