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I was wondering if Google was related to Google king because this particular company has been taking money out of account. I am so annoyed at this because this is totally uncalled for. The frequency of the with…

16 March

I do not know what is going on with my bank account and the weekly charges that have been pulled from it on a regular basis. I think that Google can help me with this because I do not know who else can in all honesty. I am annoyed because my account keeps getting charge…

05 March

I want to kindly request for Google to stop ranking my property in their search engine as a rental because it is a private property. I do not want any people to have access to my private information especially …

19 February

I was convinced by a Google customer service representative that I needed a Google Adwords Express account, and that I would be able to monitor the money that I had put in. Here's the thing it cost me more than the expected 100 dollars that I initially thought that it w…

06 February

Everything on my device is set to English since I am a native English speaker. However, when I turn an application on, like Google Hangouts, it automatically turns everything Turkish. Now I am certain that ever…

24 January


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