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I really do not know what Google is charging me for because I keep getting money deducted from my account. I have tried a number of options to stop them from taking money from my account. I have removed all the…

06 May

Everyone that uses the internet should know how much Google is mining our information for their commercial benefit. It seems as if between major search engines like Google and social networks, we can never be free from the people who want to abuse our rights. I do not l…

29 April

I have been going through a lot with an abusive relationship which has managed to get my phone an unauthorized link to a Google account that I did not want at all. Now that I am leaving the relationship, I am wondering how Google can help me out with unlinking the accou…

20 April

I am requesting for immediate assistance as I have found out that Google has charged me for an amount that I do not know about. I want the company to be able to rollback the charges to my account at the soonest…

07 April

I was wondering if Google was related to Google king because this particular company has been taking money out of account. I am so annoyed at this because this is totally uncalled for. The frequency of the with…

16 March

I do not know what is going on with my bank account and the weekly charges that have been pulled from it on a regular basis. I think that Google can help me with this because I do not know who else can in all honesty. I am annoyed because my account keeps getting charge…

05 March

I want to kindly request for Google to stop ranking my property in their search engine as a rental because it is a private property. I do not want any people to have access to my private information especially …

19 February

I was convinced by a Google customer service representative that I needed a Google Adwords Express account, and that I would be able to monitor the money that I had put in. Here's the thing it cost me more than the expected 100 dollars that I initially thought that it w…

06 February

Everything on my device is set to English since I am a native English speaker. However, when I turn an application on, like Google Hangouts, it automatically turns everything Turkish. Now I am certain that ever…

24 January


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