I have had my GoPro camera for about three months now and the other day it was in perfect condition. When I took it to the beach I decided to use its underwater features, but the moment it was splashed with water it stopped working altogether and this really annoyed me.…

2 d

I bought a GoPro from a shady looking website and I fee like they took the money from my purchase without any intention of sending me the product at all. I am appealing to GoPro if they can help me with this problem. I cannot afford to just lose money on things like thi…

08 March

I am a little annoyed at my order of a GoPro Hero 5 because it till has not arrived. I ordered it from a third party website and I was hoping that the guys over at GoPro could help me out with this. I do not kn…

22 February

I was recently out with my friends on an adventure and I was really enjoying the GoPro that we had with us. The problem is that this particular GoPro got wet and was damaged by the water. I know they hold their products to a certain degree of regard but I do not like wh…

09 February

I have a feeling that there is something really wrong with my GoPro because it seemed to have malfunctioned and flown away without me doing anything. I cannot control the drone for some reason, after some time I try to turn the controller on again but this time it reall…

29 January


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