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Name: Groovebook
2 Commack Rd.
Sound Beach
New York
United States - 11789

Why are you not sending me my second GrooveBook even when I already paid all of you and have already received the first one months ago? This is really annoying me and I want GrooveBook to do something about this today. It's been really frustrating dealing with them. To …

27 March

I am so annoyed at GrooveBook because I had ordered from the two months ago and they still have not delivered anything to my place of residence. I verified if I had paid and according to my latest bank statemen…

13 March

To the best of my knowledge, I have already unsubscribed on GrooveBook and they still continue to charge me without my explicit authorization for them to continue to do so. I have been documenting the three cha…

27 February

I have reason to think that GrooveBook has been overcharging my account for some reason. It has been such an annoying experience because I have been a long time user of this service and I did not have a problem like this before. GrooveBook should do their best to fix th…

15 February

I downloaded GrooveBook because I was a little interested in how the service works. It looks like a pretty nifty tool for your personal photographs. I cannot get the mobile application to work though, I used different emails, got someone else to do it, uninstalled and r…

01 February

I ordered a book on their service and when it arrived I was charged but I was not notified by their service. Weeks went by and they decide to charge me one more time providing me with so many screen captures that prove their point. However, as a result of all of this I …

18 January


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