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I woke up on the morning of the other day feeling very sick and as a result, I wanted to reschedule the massage that I had booked using a coupon from However, the spa would not allow me to this at all because it seems as if they have a 24-hour policy. They …

29 April

I think I wasted so much money on the coupon that I purchased from When I had called the hotel to check the confirmation for the booking that I had made using the coupon, it did not seem to find the security number for the coupon. This was reall…

21 April

I am a little annoyed and saddened by what has happened to the website over the years. It appears that it has been left to waste after so long. There are so many hidden fees that if you are a first time visitor to their site, you will unknowingly have to pay…

09 April

I do not know if any of you are going through the same thing with some of the offers that you can pick up on, I find that I am unable to use a certain deal that I had purchased from them and I find that the customer service representatives from t…

19 March

I just want to be one of the people who warns other customers and the management of that there are some companies on your website that do not honor their coupons. I had recently encouraged my daught…

06 March

I do not understand how works on mobile because it seems as if the details are all wrong. I ordered tickets to a concert that I really wanted to see soon but everything that was a part of the reservation was all wrong. Even the timings for the said concert w…

20 February

I went on to avail of discounted rates for a group of people and myself, but then we all had to cancel because of certain reasons and when I went on the site, there was no option to do so. They do n…

07 February

I purchased Groupon but it suddenly didn't work. I kept on getting the message of a server error. I am sure charged me since I got the confirmation email of purchase, but there are other items I nee…

25 January


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