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Name: GUESS Inc
Toll free: +41 800 4837 7387
Strada Regina,44 Bioggio
Switzerland - 6934

My Guess (w95127g2) watch's number (4) displaced. My watch is 4 years old, and I request you to replace it with a new one.

29 August 2017

I returned my Guess walled, because its' leather was abraded, but they gave me back without repair 1 month later. I don't understand how could a brand like Guess say user fault. I condemn you fiercely.

10 August 2017

My Guess shoes have split from two sides, although I wore them 5 or 6 times. I've sent them to the Morhipo for examination. After many weeks have passed, a pice of letter has come to me by Guess, which says "us…

28 July 2017

The sides of my Guess bag are peeled and I brought it to repair service in Astoria. They sent it to center for analysing. They said that it is user error and there is nothing to do. I did not except and they got it back for fixing. Today is 20th of July and it is still …

21 July 2017

The product I gave to Izmir Point Bornova Brandy's for the renovation on 18.05.2017 has not reached to me although it has passed 2 months. They say it will be available within 2 days whenever I call, but there is still no news of my product even though it has been 2 wee…

12 July 2017

On 01.06.2017, I bought Guess bag for 523 TRY and Guess wallet from Guess Astoria Store. I paid a total of 741 TRY. On 08.06.2017, Guess has made a campaign as 200 TL gift check discount for 500 TL shopping. I …

23 June 2017

Guess bronze watch cord is getting dark even though I do no use. Very poor quality product and does not worth to pay the amount.

14 June 2017

Some black spots formed on my Guess three-chain, gold watch which I bought from Boyner Tekirdag 5 years ago. I sent it to repair service, cords are changed. I did not use the watch even more than 10 times in 5 years. After a long time, I got it out of the box and same t…

14 June 2017

I've bought a Guess watch with gold strap from Samsun Centre Store on May, 2016. Under of the watch has peeled off and white colour has appeared, although I didn't wear it that much. I've sent it to the Saat&Sa…

25 May 2017

My mirrored sunglasses that I bought from Guess have peeled off in one day. I gave them to the store where I bought them, they told that something hit the sunglasses and they would return it in one month. This …

15 May 2017


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