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1000 East Hanes Mill Road
Winston Salem
North Carolina
United States - 27105

I am wondering what's up with the quality from HanesBrands because I have been purchasing underwear for my husband from this brand for three decades and lately what they have been producing has been deteriorati…

20 March

I have been an avid patron of HanesBrands and they have been a staple of my wardrobe. However, I find that their quality has been slowly going down the drain over the last couple of years. it irks me out that I…

08 March

I thought I had made a good purchase when I saw photographs of the HanesBrands sweatshirts that I wanted to buy from them last time. When I got the delivery my excitement faded as I found out that their sizing …

21 February

Look, I value great quality underwear, and I have come to depend on HanesBrands to provide me with underwear that is of a standard that I appreciate. Underwear is something that is built to last right? When I bought a pack of boxers from HanesBrands  I found that two of…

08 February

Hanes, please do something about your snotty employees. I was just trying to make conversation with a customer who was using his military identification card to get a discount, m husband is also in the military…

26 January


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