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Name: Hardee's Restaurants LLC
100 North Broadway, Suite 1200
Saint Louis
United States - 63102

Look, I understand that people are rushed when it is almost closing time, but employees have a responsibility to get their things in order when a customer is around. After getting my orders wrong, one of the em…

02 May

Imagine hearing that the cook at the back of the restaurant wanted to pick a fight with your girlfriend. I mean an actual fist fight because they had gotten our orders wrong. It was a good thing that the cashie…

23 April

I am so angry and livid at the manager of Hardee's Restaurants because it seemed as if she did not want me to use the restroom. I was a former employee of this establishment – different location – and I know fo…

19 April

I am a little perplexed when I had tried to call Hardee's Restaurants in advance for an order and nobody was answering me. This was supposed to be a pretty large order so I did not want to catch them off guard …

22 March

Seeing a woman in the back without a proper hat on was just the beginning of my problem with a particular location of Hardee's Restaurants. The food that they gave me was the opposite of what I requested for fr…

09 March

The employees over at Hardee's Restaurants did not let me use my coupon because they think that it is not valid, I think otherwise. After that whole incident I was bother because the food that I ordered was not…

23 February

There is a staple Hardee's Restaurants branch in my area and everybody goes to it. However, I have decided that I will not be frequenting that establishment any longer because of they got my order wrong three t…

12 February

I could not believe that have breakfast at Hardee's Restaurants would annoy me so much. I ordered one of those omelettes that claims to be fully loaded but lo and behold there is nothing loaded about the omelette at all. Is this how Hardee's Restaurants trues to trim co…

30 January

I always get 'crispy' bacon egg and cheese from them and last time I bought from the drive-through and brought them back, I realized bacon wasn't crispy. I called em up and said this but they accused me of bein…

12 January


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