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I bought that sneakers from Bambi store for 250 TL. They told that it was completely made of leather, but it's insole was deformed and after a while teared. We took it to Bambi store. We went back after 1 month…

27 July 2017

I bought Harley Davidson boots from a famous website for 350 TL, left pair's front side deformed and split after 1 month. I sent it to the service but they told that it was exposed to warmth and they did nothin…

24 May 2017

Salesperson, who works in Nando, told that Harley Davidson's sizes are bigger than normal shoes, then I went for one size smaller. However, it chafed my foot in one day. I thought that it may happen because of the harshness of the boots but nothing has changed and it hu…

11 May 2017

I bought Harley Davidson boots from Boyner 3 months ago. At the second time it chafed my feet, and made me uncomfortable. I gave it back to Boyner customer services to put them on boottree or replace it. When I received them back, I realized that they did nothing and di…

02 May 2017

I bought boots from Boyner Harley Davison. Their front parts started to peel off, I requested return or replacement but they didn't accept. Everyone can see that peeling. I've trusted Harley Davidson, but they made me sad.

08 April 2017

I bought Harley Davidson boots from Boyner for 360 TL 3 months ago. Soles of the boots started to crack in 1 month. Also Harley Davidson logo of the left boot kept coming off and at last I've lost it. I gave go…

08 April 2017

I've paid 360 TL for Harley Davidson boots and I wore them constantly for 3 months and my feet sweated in these shoes. I wore them in snow recently and serious amount of water got into it. I sent it to the serv…

08 April 2017

Some discoloration has appeared on my Harley Davidson boots, which are worth 379 TL, although 1 month passed. I've sent them to the service but they rejected my request. Harley has lost its reputation for me.

05 April 2017

I bought boots (025g100078_b14-27) for my daughter from Big Solmaz Shoe store 3 months ago but, sides of the boots have split. I gave them to the store where I bought them. Salesperson was going to send them to…

04 April 2017

When I wore my Harley boots for the first time, there was no problem but they chafed my feet at second time. I request you to do the needful.

30 March 2017


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