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I have been a long time buyer of this product, and today I was shocked when I purchased two (one for my girlfriend and I've for myself) and the pepperoni was approximately half the thickness of the pepperoni in previous lunchables. Although these lunchables are hear a s…

08 January

I bought Heinz hot chili sauce, but it is not hot enough.

05 September 2017

I've been calling for weeks, but no one picks up phones, which are written on their website. I wrote Heinz Global, they gave me the same number, which is already on their website. Their contact us form gives error. I don't think that no one would interested even if I wr…

12 July 2017

The taste of Heinz Honey Mustard is same with regular mustard.

05 July 2017

Dates of products seem okay but the quality is really bad. They are not fresh and usable. I had same problems for both mustard and ketchup.

08 February 2017

There is a glass piece in Heinz ketchup and I could not raised this issue to the firm. It will be good if they contact with me.

28 September 2016

Heinz Chili Ketchup taste is not chili. Why it is selling as chili?

14 May 2016

I purchased Heinz BBQ Sauce from supermarket but it was expired. I contacted with customer care service and sent it to them. There is no feedback since 2,5 months. When I called them 2 days ago, they said that they will call me back.

06 May 2016

Expiration date of Heinz mayonnaise is written as 05.01.2016 but when we look carefully it is the second label and there is another one under this. It is so tricksy. When you check the website, there is no e-ma…

04 April 2016

We kept Heinz Mayonnaise and Ketchup in fridge and you can see the mayonnaise in…

25 July 2015


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