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Name: Andra Group L.P.
Toll free: 1 800 558 6779
8941 Empress Row
United States - 75247

I am so mad at the people who crafted the exchange policy at HerRoom because they want their customers to go through a barrage of stuff before they will even check their stocks and see if they can offer you an …

26 March

I think that the reviews of the HerRoom company are true because I have had to deal with their attitude. I had tried on a dress from them after I had come from the shower and dried off, only to find that the dress did not fit me at all. I had put on no deodorant or any …

13 March

I had recently bought a brassiere from HerRoom but I was not satisfied at all with the quality that I had received and I felt like that I could get better quality from a chain supermarket than from this busines…

27 February

I had placed an order from HerRoom about a month ago I think and it has been so long since they even got back to me. I am now wondering if the money that I used to purchase those items was wasted because I stil…

15 February

The problem with purchasing from HerRoom is that their sizing does not follow normal sizing charts. It seems like they created their own sizes out of the blue. I ordered something that was supposed to be a medium and instead I got a tripled extra large. I you are thinki…

01 February

I just discovered that the item that I purchased from their service did not fit me the way I thought it would so naturally I just asked for a refund, but little did I know that they do not do that. They insisted on offering me store credit, which is a pain because I jus…

18 January


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