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Name: HH Gregg Appliances, Inc.
4151 E 96th Street
United States - 46240

We had purchased a couple of products during the sale at HH Gregg and some of them were Whirlpool branded. I found out that the appliances that I had bought were missing fundamental things on them and this really annoyed me to no end. I feel as if this was not a good pu…

21 March

I am a little perplexed as to why the refrigerator that I had purchased from HH Gregg keeps conking out on me time and time again. I already called HH Gregg so many times and when I have finally gotten through …

09 March

I have been having so much trouble two years after I have purchased a television from HH Gregg. The picture has been problematic because sometimes it just goes out. As of this moment I have lost the original re…

23 February

I am appalled at the quality of the Samsung refrigerator that I got through HH Gregg because over the past few years, I have had to have a certain issue repaired at least six times. It does not help that the ho…

12 February

We did not realize that the people from HH Gregg who installed our refrigerator's ice maker and water dispenser were not able to hook it up properly. Now it has caused a major leak that is causing us thousands of dollars in fees. HH Gregg might not be able to compensate…

29 January

I thought we had bought a gas range that would last our family for years, but we actually bought into a nightmare that was going to follow us for so long. There were so many problems with oven stove, the installation was all off on so many different levels. We started h…

17 January


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