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We went to Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku on August 22-26, 2017 with my family and We're disappointed. Let's start with the biggest problem. My mother and my sibling had food poisoning, ( my elder sister was a doctor a…

28 August 2017

We want to made reservation for Hilton Safranbolu for 2 nights and called them for 3 times in the same day, they told me that fee was 235 TL + value added tax and I would pay 280.50 TL in total. I called 3 time…

28 August 2017

We had Turkish bath, pool and massage services at Hilton, but they're nearly 50 people, who are trying to swim. I couldn't swim in that pool. There were a lot of kids, we couldn't enjoy because of the noise. Bath attendant was too harsh. We couldn't hear a noise except …

25 August 2017

I've left information to Kurtkoy Hilton and Halic Hilton 20 days ago, but they didn't call me back for reservation. Hilton hotels can't be careless that much. I'm aggrieved by them.

23 August 2017

We went to Malatya Double Tree By Hilton with my friend for Turkish bath and pool, but unfortunately we regretted. Bath attendant was a gymnast, after the exfoliation rashes didn't go away for 1 week and these …

22 August 2017

I prefer Hilton for both work and holiday trips. There was a restaurant on top of the Kusadasi Double Tree which is called Gio. Usually wealthy people prefer this place. We held our company organization in ther…

26 July 2017

We went to listen Greek music to Hampton by Hilton Gallipoli on July 22, 2017. We waited a waiter to come for half an hour. Finally, we find the headwaiter. However, he was really rude. These waiters lower Hampton's quality. He took our order with rude attitude. You sho…

24 July 2017

I'm Adidas Group retail district manager and I travel a lot. I prefer Hampton By Hilton usually and recommend it to my friends. Today is the second day and I bought juice from market and while I was entering the hotel two personnel told that any food and drink from outs…

21 July 2017

I stayed in Sarigerme 2 years ago and had a problem with them. I chose Hilton again, but I was wrong. They didn't return my complaints.

17 July 2017

We checked in Kusadasi Hilton on July 15, 2017 at 15.00 pm. I wanted to make reservation for dinner, but there was no available table. How could you reject your hotel customers' dinner reservation request? We a…

17 July 2017


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