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I felt absolutely disrespected with my last experience at Hobby Lobby because it almost seemed as if they were being very judgmental with me. We found out that some of the ornaments we bought were missing so I went back to check what happened. The manager just looked at…

19 March

I have been using candy molds from Hobby Lobby for so long that I have been recommending them to my family and friends. they have served me well and I was so happy with the quality that Hobby Lobby has provided…

06 March

This is not exactly a gigantic problem for me but it really affects all the customers that shop at Hobby Lobby to a certain degree. They have a lot of slashed price signs and discounts all over the store but so…

21 February

I was shopping at a Hobby Lobby with a family member because I wanted to get out of the house for awhile. I'm an expectant mother and I am already six months into my pregnancy. We split up when we were checking out so that we could save time, the other cashier with my f…

08 February

Hobby Lobby once told my spouse and I that the stock has arrived but they have not stocked it yet. We drive for so long just to get to this place but it seems like the systems that they have in place are horribly inefficient. Hobby Lobby should talk to its employees abo…

25 January


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