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Name: HomeAway, Inc.
1011 W. Fifth Street, #300
United States - 78703

There are a lot of services out there that offer the same thing as HomeAway and I do not want to pay them a lot of money for a simple service that I can get from elsewhere. I do not think that this platform was…

23 March

We have spent more than seven thousand dollars on HomeAway because we were looking at renting a place out for my family's holiday. It turned out to be a futile attempt because it seemed as if we got nothing. Nobody was responding to us, neither the owner of the house li…

12 March

We were a little appalled by the rental property that we had availed of through HomeAway because when we got to the property we found it to be in a state of neglect. We had to clean the whole property up and it…

26 February

HomeAway has really despicable customer service because after a total of seven phone calls each lasting well in the half an hour range they still have not found a resolution to my problem. HomeAway has placed a…

14 February

We stayed at a HomeAway facility and we were accused of damaging property. The irate and livid woman called us telling us that she would send us pictures of the damages that we caused her, but she never really did come around to doing so. Here's another thing, we also h…

31 January

It was such a disappointing experience dealing with VRBO and HomeAway. Attached herewith is my case number and I would like for someone to please help me out. I had issued a certain amount as the reservation fee using my old debit card. However, I did switch financial i…

16 January


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