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Kansas City
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I have grown up with the Hostess Brands and I used to have cupcakes packed into my school lunch by my mother all the time. However, nowadays, I feel as if Hostess Brands has just compromised their overall taste…

24 May

My family and I were very excited to be able to find some Suzy Qs from the Hostess Brands in the supermarket the other day. We thought that we were all in for a treat but it turns out that the treat was going t…

20 March

I think there must be something wrong with the quality control or the production line over at Hostess Brands because this is not the first complaint against them that I have seen. I have bought blueberry mini m…

07 March

I cannot understand how Hostess Brands could let things from their factory line reach their end customers without a proper check in the first place. It has been so annoying because of the way that they are acti…

22 February

I have been really frightened over the last batch of Hostess Brands products that we bought because my son bit into one of the sweets and spat out something really horrible. One of the Suzy-Qs had mold on it and it was really disgusting. I know that there are types of m…

09 February

I recent bought raspberry zingers from Hostess Brands, they were favorite and I was really craving for some. However, I was extremely saddened and disappointed that the zingers that I got came from a really bad box. I hope that someone from Hostess Brands, can explain t…

26 January


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