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317 George Street, 3rd Floor
New Brunswick
New Jersey
United States - 08901

I have ordered and successfully purchased a hover board from HoverBoardCloseouts and when it had been delivered to my residence, I noticed that it had a major defect. It was not working at all, so I promptly tr…

21 March

Our family is not as well off as we would like so we decided to get our son a refurbished hover board from HoverBoardCloseouts. The hover board arrived but for some reason after a week of normal, regular use, i…

08 March

The HoverBoardCloseouts items that we ordered were not the best quality ever. We were so annoyed because we were going to use these hover boards as presents these holidays. We asked the guys over at HoverBoardC…

22 February

I am wondering if HoverBoardCloseouts accepts returns of a defective product four months after it was bought. I am so annoyed at the standard of quality that you make these boards to because everything seems to…

09 February

I recently got a family member a hoverboard from HoverBoardCloseouts and when we had opened it we found out that there was a slight defect with serious consequences. We ended up returning the item to HoverBoard…

29 January


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