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Name: Maxima E-Commerce Holdings LLC
463 Seventh Avenue
New York
New York
United States - 10018

When we got my daughter HoverKicks we were surprised to find that one of the shoes was not working by the end of the month so we promptly called the customer service of HoverKicks so that they could help us fin…

27 March

I really need a refund on the HoverKicks that I have bought for my family member because they aren't working as advertised. At this point, all I want is a return label because these automated responses are not working for me any longer. Is there anyway that I can get a …

13 March

I cannot believe the terrible quality that HoverKicks has. I had order two pairs of these shoes for my children and only the first one was delivered, not even on time. The first pair was already broken by the time that the second pair arrived. Guess what was wrong with …

27 February

I think that HoverKicks will get a lawsuit sooner or later for their failure to deliver on so many occasions. I have bought and paid for HoverKicks from the company and I thought they would be delivered to me at the soonest but I was wrong. It turns out that I got nothi…

15 February

I got myself a purchase of HoverKicks just recently and it was delivered in a timely manner. I just did not expect for one of the pairs not to fit as well as I had hope. I guess it's just how the shoe was originally designed. I am really hoping that I get a return label…

01 February

These guys run a terrible business and make promises that they can never really keep. Their delivery claims are not accurate at all because they are an offshore company who does not seem to have an office locally. Ordering from them is difficult because they are always …

18 January


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