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This will sound like the craziest thing ever, but for some reason, the people at IHOP Restaurants will charge you for their mistakes. So a good friend of mine orders a sandwich and for some reason, they deliver…

18 April

My family and I decided that we should dine at a particular IHOP Restaurants location near the place that we lived and we could not be even more annoyed at the experience. It turns out that they did not even bo…

23 March

I want to inform the management of IHOP Restaurants that sometimes their premises are not too trucker friendly. I know that most of their business comes from people like us - truckers - and they need to make mo…

12 March

We were large party that came into IHOP Restaurants just recently and we just wanted to have some good food and enjoy each other's company. However, we had to wait for about two hours before we even served anyt…

26 February

I could not believe the service that I had from IHOP Restaurants, especially when I found out that the manager was actually a drug dealer on the side. We are actually quite frightened to have dinner at a place where one of the main staff members has a criminal record. I…

14 February

I got fired from my job with IHOP Restaurants for being choked by another employee during an altercation. I would have been fine with this if the employee that choked me was not rehired and one of the manager's involved also got to keep his job. This is a little surpris…

31 January

We're a black couple who were just waiting to be seated, but after a lot of people who came in after us started getting seats we started thinking. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to us at all and it seems a little disrespectful. We were there before the other white…

16 January


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