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I am really annoyed at one of the employees at an IKEA that we had visited the other day because it seemed as if the IKEA employee did not seem to care about the customers that were waiting in line. I am so ann…

13 March

I am a little annoyed that IKEA did not inform me of the various delivery delays that they were going to have further rendering my day wasted and money for the contractors that I had hired for installation wast…

27 February

I was so excited when I ordered a complete kitchen from IKEA thinking that I could be able to have everything ready made for my home. I thought that they would also have the delivery on time, but this was not t…

15 February

I own property in the United State and I am from another country. I originally trusted IKEA to be able to deliver on an entire kitchen that I ordered from them on a timely basis because I would not be in the United States for too long. What happened was really a waste o…

01 February

I've been a very loyal customer of IKEA for a long time and recently they have just been very stressful to deal with. I was told I'd get my sofa delivered on a certain day, waited all the day, and called the next day to confirm, gave them my specifics and had it resched…

18 January


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