Name: Indeed, Inc.
6433 Champion Grandview Way, Building 1
United States - 78750

I am a little annoyed by the fact that can stop our advertisements that we have running on their websites. According to the folks over at, they can stop all the free postings with their own reason and without having to specify why. They are now ask…

07 April

I had recently found a job post that I wanted to apply to on and I managed to score myself and interview. The interview was the most terrible interview that I have ever had. She was very rude towards me and I really felt like I was singled out. Here's the wor…

16 March

I am annoyed at because they do not seem to stop sending us applications for positions that we do not have any use for. We would really appreciate it if they just took our company off of their databa…

05 March

I am so annoyed at the amount of fake jobs that have been plaguing for quite sometime now. There seems to be a hole in their protocols and they cannot filter bogus jobs from real ones and I have been stuck trying to sift between what's real and what's not on …

19 February

I find that some of the jobs that are posted on are not actually real and are actually scams. They should do their best to verify if the vacancies that they offer on the site are legitimate. I was literally ripped off by a fake company that I found on Indeed.…

06 February

I personally think that has been scamming its clients for a long time. Some of the jobs that they have posted on the website do not even exist. This seems a tad bit too fishy for a company that claims to provide real job listings for its subscriber…

24 January


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