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I am so mad at Intex Recreation because they cannot offer me anything with regard to my problematic mattress from them. They do not want to offer me a refund or a replacement. This is their fault that their man…

30 March

We have a spa kit from Intex Recreation and it came with a pump for the hot tub. However, this particular pump was very problematic. We got a new pump from customer service and everything was working again. Aft…

14 March

We have been customers of Intex Recreation for a very long time and we have found their products to be alright. However, they have  particular product that does not live up to expectations at all. I find that t…

28 February

My child's party has had to be cancelled for more than two years because of the way Intex Recreation has been treating our orders to them. The pool that we bought was missing a couple of parts and every time th…

15 February

I bought a water pump from Intex Recreation and it has been such a hassle to get everything done. First of all the water pump was missing a few things that did not allow it to work to its specifications. This was such an annoying experience because how could they sell t…

01 February

I bought a pool cover from Intex Recreation and that's when I starting having problems with them. I received a cover that was the wrong size and after talkign to one of the Intex Recreation reps none of the could help me. This is not my fault so I should not be being pa…

19 January


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